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Dr. Daniel Martin, Professor of Preoperative and Intensive Care Medicine, London|2020-09-01

Accredited with P.A.C.E and ACCENT
Dr. Daniel Martin, Professor of Preoperative and Intensive Care Medicine, London

In September, Dr. Martin shared his findings from data on patients admitted to the ICU and aligned this to his personal experiences of working on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can access the webinar below.

  • Understand the impact of multiple organ failure and how patients are supported during critical illness
  • Gain insight into the challenges faced by physicians looking after critically ill patients
  • Understand the importance of systemic oxygen delivery in patients admitted to intensive care
  • Appreciate the impact COVID-19 has had on ICUs around the world and how the disease manifested in severely unwell patients

P.A.C.E and ACCENT credits are available to registrants who participate.

  • Those interested in human physiology and the impact of multiple organ failure
  • Those who provide support for intensive care units e.g. laboratories, imaging services, and a wide range of medical and asurgical specialties
  • Anyone interested in how COVID-19 affects the physiology of critically ill patients
Dr. Dan Martin

Dr Martin is a clinical academic based in London. His main research interest is the physiology of oxygen, hypoxia and hyperoxia. His research includes laboratory work, experiments at high altitude, clinical trials, and ‘big data’ bioinformatics projects. He is particularly interested in bioenergetic function and redox balance, and how these are related to clinical outcomes. Dr Martin has been conducting research at high altitude for many years and is part of the Xtreme Everest team. When he summited Mount Everest in May 2007 as part of a large-scale research expedition, measurements of arterial blood taken near the summit showed him to have one of the lowest levels of oxygen ever reported in a human.

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