Pedicle Screw Implantation

Pedicle Screw Implantation

Fast positioning verification with our mobile 3D C-arm

Our versatile mobile C-arm Cios Spin provides fast and easy-to-use 2D and 3D imaging technology that enhances the precision of your spinal fusion workflows.

Immediate quality control for spinal fusion procedures
Because minimally invasive techniques rely on smaller incisions compared to conventional surgeries, 3D technology offers significant benefits when it comes to verification of correct implant positioning. Our mobile C-arm Cios Spin provides high-quality images intraoperatively, features an easy-to-use isocentric design, and permits seamless integration into your routine workflows. Cios Spin quickly locates implanted screws at the push of a button. This allows you to work efficiently and make immediate corrections to prevent future revision surgeries.

Features & Benefits

Cios Spin provides support during every phase of your surgical workflow thanks to excellent 2D and 3D image quality, simplified operations, and smart image analysis software.


    <p>Sven Vetter1, MD</p><p>BG Klinik Ludwigshafen, Ludwigshafen, Germany</p>

    <p>Jochen Franke1, MD</p><p>BG Klinik Ludwigshafen, Ludwigshafen, Germany</p>

    Clinical Use

    Intraoperative corrections are necessary for approx. 10% of spinal fracture treatments.

    Performing a revision surgery to correct misplaced implants can carry a risk of complications, so intraoperative corrections are preferable. According to studies that examine treatment using 3D-capable mobile C-arms, intraoperative corrections are performed in 9.7% of spine fracture cases on average.2 Since misplacements are otherwise often only detected with a postoperative CT scan, this suggests that intraoperative 3D imaging can help you avoid revision surgeries.