Siemens Healthineers announces the next generation 7T MRI scanner, MAGNETOM Terra.X, now available in Canada



Siemens Healthineers, a leader in healthcare technology, is pleased to announce the arrival of the revolutionary MAGNETOM Terra.X 7 Tesla (7T) MRI scanner, now in Canada. This cutting-edge technology, recently licensed by Health Canada, offers healthcare providers a new level of diagnostic precision, enabling them to detect even the smallest structures, anatomical details and abnormalities.

With its groundbreaking Ultra IQ technology, the MAGNETOM Terra.X boasts a powerful 7T magnetic field strength, significantly exceeding the capabilities of standard MRI scanners. The system will be the successor to MAGNETOM Terra, the first 7T clinical system, launched in 2017. The higher signal at 7T, enables exceptionally high-resolution imaging, allowing physicians to visualize structures in the brain, spine and other organs, with unparalleled clarity that might be missed by conventional MRI scanners, such as, complex neurological conditions, cancers and other diseases. This enables earlier and more accurate diagnoses, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.

Sebastien Deval, MRI Business Line Manager at Siemens Healthineers, Canada, expresses his enthusiasm, “We are thrilled to bring MAGNETOM Terra.X to Canada. This represents a significant leap forward in medical imaging to the Canadian marketplace, offering improved diagnostic accuracy, advanced research capabilities and an enhanced patient experience.” The system is equipped with features designed to improve patient comfort during scans. This can be especially helpful for patients who experience claustrophobia or anxiety during traditional MRI procedures.

In combination with the amplifying performance of our AI-powered Deep Resolve, MAGNETOM Terra.X further amplifies performance for an elevated clinical experience. In addition, the integrated Open Recon platform allows for seamless integration of custom reconstructions directly on the scanner, bridging the gap between research and clinical workflow.

Siemens Healthineers is committed to providing Canadian healthcare institutions with the most advanced medical technologies. The MAGNETOM Terra.X represents a significant leap forward in MRI technology, offering unparalleled diagnostic capabilities and paving the way for groundbreaking medical research in Canada.

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