Educational Webinar on Liver Fibrosis Measurement with ELF™

Learn about how the ELF™ Test helps improve the assessment of NAFLD/NASH and chronic liver disease patients at risk of disease progression.

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Webinar Title: Educational Webinar on Liver Fibrosis Measurement with ELF
Date: On Demand
Location: Microsoft TEAMS Meeting

In this webinar, the speaker will go over the common etiologies of Chronic Liver Disease and the risk factors that seem to predispose the overwhelming emergence of NAFLD and NASH in recent years.

The main driver of disease progression is Liver Fibrosis, and the talk will address non-invasive tests to measure Liver Fibrosis including the ELF test (Enhanced Liver Fibrosis) that may be used diagnostically for fibrosis staging or prognostically assess the likelihood of progression to cirrhosis and liver related clinical events.

We will also discuss other possible uses of ELF such as in testing algorithms alongside FIB-4 or elastography and international societies clinical practice guidelines and recommendations on the use of ELF.


  • Dr. Youssef Maakaroun
    Medical Science Liaison Professional
    Siemens Healthineers
  • Martin Gendron
    Medical Liaison – Atellica Solution Assays and Immunology
    Siemens Healthineers

Who Should Attend?

  • General Practitioners, Hepatologists & Gastroenterologists, Clinical Chemists, Lab Professionals. 

Presented by:
Siemens Healthineers Canada 


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