POCcelerator™ SE Data Management System
At the center of point-of-care testing

POCcelerator SE Data Management System
POCcelerator™ SE Data Management System
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Simplify workflow and improve outcomes with a scalable data-management system for the entire Siemens Healthineers POC portfolio 

With POCcelerator SE Data Management System, you can flexibly accommodate future needs by integrating all your Siemens Healthineers POC devices into a POC Ecosystem™ solution that can grow and change as you do.

When you’re ready, you can easily upgrade to POCcelerator, a fully open environment that allows you to connect more than 180 POCT devices from more than 40 manufacturers to your lab or hospital information systems.


  • Flexibility
  • Scalable
  • Future-Proof

Features & Benefits

How can POCcelerator Data Management System help me...

Reduce errors
Improve operator tracking and reduce errors with technical validation checks for QC and patient results. Manage competency with automatic recertification and flexible options for operator training.

Increase efficiency
Simplify processes for managing devices and operators by consolidating multiple POC IT systems and transmit POC results via a single interface to the information system. Create maintenance plans and monitor tasks from a centralized location.

Achieve compliance with quality criteria
The POCcelerator system focuses proactively on noncompliant data rather than data that pass quality checks. Address quality issues and enable continuous quality improvement with 40 easily configurable validation checks.

Clinical Use

How does POCcelerator Data Management System help my department?

  • Laboratory: Quality assurance, user management, and a large selection of devices
  • Medical Device Department: Monitoring, support, and control of devices
  • IT Department: Stable and secure IT infrastructure
  • Procurement: Cost-effectiveness and savings with a single middleware solution
  • Nursing Department: Organizational management of point-of-care devices

Create your POC Ecosystem Solution

Start using POCcelerator SE Data Management System to connect and manage your Siemens Healthineers devices:

CLINITEK Advantus® Urine Chemistry Analyzer
CLINITEK Status® and Status+ Urine Chemistry Analyzers
DCA Vantage® Analyzer
epoc® Blood Analysis System
RAPIDLab® Blood Gas Systems
RAPIDPoint® Blood Gas Systems
Stratus® CS and CS 200* Acute Care™ Diagnostic Systems
Xprecia Stride™ Coagulation Analyzer
RAPIDComm® Data Management System

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