Elastography is Changing RadiologyRadiologists have new opportunities to support patient care

With elastography technologies, radiologists can support and influence patient care with clinical information available only through elastography. But to do so, radiologists must become experts in guiding adoption of these tools, including understanding how they work.

Understanding Elastography
ARFI elastography compresses tissue within a user-defined region of interest using an acoustic beam. ARFI technology also generates and tracks the propagation of shear waves to provide a quantitative measurement of tissue stiffness.


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Take a Deeper Look at Elastography
Download a white paper by Siemens engineers that includes:
Explanations of how ARFI and shear wave technologies work, including diagrams and infographics
An illustrated guide to the physics of elastography
An overview of results from multiple independent studies exploring ARFI elastography and the diagnosis of advanced liver fibrosis

Download your copy of this white paper about how elastography works and what it can provide. [article to be supplied]