Be the pulse of connected cardiovascular care

Cardiovascular CareBe the pulse of connected cardiovascular care

Around the world, cardiovascular diseases are the number 1 cause of death.1) To increase life expectancy for your patients, it’s essential to provide them with a precise diagnosis, tailored therapy, and continuous follow-up. For this, having the right information at the right time is crucial.

Make your patients the focus throughout the entire clinical pathway, supported by our connected cardiovascular solutions. View images from different modalities simultaneously and in excellent quality. Have lab test results right at your fingertips. And easily integrate third-party systems into your cardiovascular network. At the core of it all is our dedicated Cardiovascular IT. As your partner for holistic cardiovascular care, we are committed to supporting you in improving patient outcomes – by transforming care delivery and enhancing precision medicine through digitalizing healthcare.


Innovate clinical pathways for arrhythmias patients - safely

Perfect match: Treating arrhythmias is a complex procedure that also includes imaging systems. Protect patients, staff, and yourself from unnecessary radiation exposure with our ultra-low dose2) imaging solutions. Enhance precision with multimodality guidance. And smoothly integrate even third-party equipment such as mapping systems. Empowered by our integrated cardiovascular solutions.

Coronary Artery Disease

Make confident diagnostic decisions on coronary artery diseases – fast

Perfect support: The number of obese and multimorbid patients with coronary artery and vascular diseases is rising. Manage the growing workload. Utilize applications that may help improve clinical outcomes for your patients. And make confident diagnostic decisions, fast. Empowered by our integrated cardiovascular solutions.

Structural Heart Disease

Manage complex and challenging structural heart patients – efficiently

Perfect overview: Seeing the whole picture is essential when treating patients with structural heart disease. Opt for clear image quality that can assist accurate diagnostic assessments for precise device placements in every patient. Have real-time multimodality information in one view. And benefit from automated therapy guidance e.g. Aortic Valve Guidance. Empowered by our integrated cardiovascular solutions.

Heart Failure

Handle heart failure management – confidently

Perfect connectivity: Diagnosing and managing heart failure is highly complex and challenging. Clearly define clinical processes. Integrate all healthcare providers involved. And have the patient data you need at your fingertips for confident decision-making. Empowered by our integrated cardiovascular solutions.