Multitom Rax

Go even further with True2scale Body Scan1

Multitom Rax - online seminar

True2scale Body Scan in paediatric care - first experiences with Dr. Jürgen Weidemann, Children's and youth hospital "Auf der Bult:, Hannover, Germany

True2scale Body Scan the new slot scanning technique for continuous acquisition of geometrically correct full-body images at low dose – only on Multitom Rax. 

  • Even more anatomical coverage 
  • Even greater precision 
  • Even lower dose 

True2scale Body Scan - for accurate images, free of stitching artifacts

True2scale Body Scan differs from classical stitched images as a very narrow X-Ray beam continuously acquires an image along the scan trajectory, whereas stitched images are acquired with a source-tilt technique and automatically (or sometimes manually) combined to an image in the reprocessing phase. This bears potential for more precise imaging at lower dose.

True2scale Body Scan – for well-informed diagnosis and surgical planning

The biplanar trajectory without the need to reposition the patient paired with continuous acquisition renders a geometrically accurate image, providing the precision that is necessary for correct classification of a pathology and for surgical planning.