Discover the new MULTIX Impact family with myExam Companion1Strengthen your image with user-assisting system intelligence

Radiography is a central, everyday touchpoint between patients, referring physicians, and your institution. Their perception of you can enhance – or hinder – your success. What if you could strengthen your image with every image you acquire?

Our answer for both floor-mounted and ceiling-mounted radiography: MULTIX Impact & MULTIX Impact C. High-end technology and user-assisting system intelligence with myExam Companion – at an economical price. Each system combines the established, excellent MULTIX Impact imaging quality with brand new staff- and patient-friendly features.

Your benefits? Reliable performance and high-quality on-time care to diverse patients, even at peak times –strengthening your image with everyone involved. 

Learn to strengthen your image and visit the product websites for MULTIX Impact C and MULTIX Impact VA20 for further information.