Leading the field

MAGNETOM Sola is the perfect symbiosis of power, intelligence, and speed. This is a scanner designed to exceed your expectations and amplify your clinical capabilities. Built on our most powerful 1.5T platform, MAGNETOM Sola adapts to your needs so that you can rise to the most demanding challenges. It puts cutting-edge AI at your fingertips to accelerate and enhance your performance. Innovative imaging technologies let you tap into new clinical applications with confidence. And with its intelligent assistance, the system guides you through each step of the workflow, while also putting your patients at ease. With MAGNETOM Sola, you are truly leading the field.


Deep Resolve Boost

Deep Resolve Boost

Deep Resolve Boost is our first raw data-to-image deep learning reconstruction technology that enables high SNR and radically accelerated image acquisition.

MR Beat Sensor setup

BioMatrix Beat Sensor

A BioMatrix Technology - Complete cardiac MRI exams without ECG leads. Speeding up your workflow and increasing patient comfort. 

myExam Autopilot

myExam Autopilot

myExam Autopilot offers users most advanced and intelligent automation. It enables users to scan at high quality with just a simple click and has the potential to remove burdensome routine tasks.

Features & Benefits


myExam Companion

Acceleration techniques

BioMatrix Technology

Free-breathing exams

Energy efficient design

Anatomy-adaptive coils


    MAGNETOM Sola helps you master the most demanding clinical challenges – both today and tomorrow. Its powerful platform with superb gradient design helps you deliver excellence more confidently than ever. The scalable, high-performance coil portfolio allows you to tailor the system to the specific demands of your institution. MAGNETOM Sola raises clinical care to the next level and paves the way for your powerful step into the future.

    Deep Resolve

    Different clinical questions require different technological answers. MAGNETOM Sola delivers unprecedented performance by always offering the right acceleration technologies tailored to the clinical application. By combining our pioneering deep-learning image reconstruction technology Deep Resolve with our acclaimed acceleration techniques, MAGNETOM Sola achieves acceleration of up to 88%1. This enables amazing results, such as a complete knee examination in less than 3 minutes1.

    Embrace new clinical capabilities at 1.5T with Inline Compressed Sensing

    As clinical cases get tougher, MAGNETOM Sola steps up to take the lead. Its disruptive imaging technologies allow more patients to benefit from advanced diagnostic capabilities. With Compressed Sensing GRASP-VIBE, free-breathing dynamic liver exams can become standard. And with Compressed Sensing Cardiac Cine, a single heartbeat is sufficient to capture the motion, helping you handle cardiac arrhythmia with ease. With MAGNETOM Sola, you can master the most demanding clinical challenges with ease.

    Magnetom Sola - A workflow built around humans

    The MRI workflow is based on the interaction between patient and technologist. We believe that our technology needs to be designed around this human relationship to create an experience that is both efficient and comfortable. With BioMatrix Technology, MAGNETOM Sola offers a holistic environment of solutions that put the patient at ease whilst simplifying the workflow – and the innovative patient coil portfolio offers an ideal synergy between comfort and imaging excellence.

    Embrace new clinical capabilities at 1.5T with Inline Compressed Sensing

    When clinical questions become more complex and workloads increase, you need a reliable partner in imaging excellence to support your diagnostic tasks. MAGNETOM Sola with myExam Companion offers assisted scan workflows that enable reliable imaging results. And with our remote imaging solutions syngo Virtual Cockpit2, WeScan3, and WeRead4, we can optimally support you in providing MRI services.

    Customer services customer care center

    While you focus on caring for your patients, we take care of your scanner. The innovative Guardian Program uses predictive intelligence to solve technical issues even before downtime occurs. And with our comprehensive Advance Plans, you can participate in the innovations of tomorrow. MAGNETOM Sola is your partner for the future.

    Embrace new clinical capabilities at 1.5T with Inline Compressed Sensing

    Siemens Healthineers is committed to reducing the environmental impact of healthcare. We aim to make our operations carbon neutral and achieve our science-based targets by 2023. MRI plays a key role in achieving these ambitious objectives, which is why MAGNETOM Sola is designed to foster a circular economy and optimize energy efficiency. It offers energy-saving technologies that holistically apply to daily operations. 

    <p>Johan Dehem, MD</p>

    Clinical Use

    Technical Details

    Magnet system

    Field strength

    1.5 Tesla

    Bore size

    70 cm Open Bore design

    Helium consumption

    Zero Helium boil-off technology


    Gradient strength

    XQ gradients 45/200 simultaneously
    XJ gradients 33/125 simultaneously


    RF technology


    Maximum number of channels6


    Number of independent receiver channels that can be used simultaneously in 
    one single scan and in one single FoV, each generating an independent partial image

    32, 48, 64


    Siting and installation

    System length

    157 cm cover to cover

    System weight (in operation)

    4.2 tons

    Minimum room size7

    28 m / 302 sq ft