MAGNETOM Verio ecoProven 3T clinical imaging. With Tim+Dot.

As a proven innovator, Siemens is bringing 3T field strength, 70 cm Open Bore, and Tim® technology together in one powerful system - MAGNETOM Verio eco, A Tim+Dot System.

  • 3T, 70 cm MR system
  • Incorporates Tim and Dot technology with the standard Brain Dot Engine
  • With 102 channels (coil elements) that can be connected simultaneously & 18 or 32 independent receiver channels can be used simultaneously in a single scan & single FoV, each generating an indep. partial image
  • Short 3T bore length at 173 cm, enabling more head-out exams
  • 250 kg (550 lb) table-weight limit to support the bariatric population
  • Zero helium boil-off