Výjimečná kvalita v mobilním rentgenovém zobrazování

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V mobilním rentgenovém zobrazování je nezbytné kdykoliv disponovat s flexibilním a výkonným strojem. MOBILETT Elara Max je lehký a kompaktní systém, který vám nabízí maximální mobilitu a flexibilitu polohování i ve stísněných prostorech, a to s trvale vysokou kvalitou obrazu. Díky snadno omyvatelné konstrukci a jedinečnému antimikrobiálnímu povlaku se jedná o naprosto hygienické řešení. Rychlá, bezpečná a bezproblémová integrace do vaší IT sítě vám také zajistí okamžitý přístup k relevantním datům. 

Zvyšte kvalitu péče s MOBILETT Elara Max. Společnost Siemens Healthineers získala 15. března 2019 povolení FDA pro MOBILETT Elara Max. 

  • Zvýšení efektivity práce a kvality obrazu

  • Vyšší standard v prevenci a kontrole infekcí

  • Úspora času díky bezproblémové a bezpečné integraci

  • Výhody celkového přístrojového vybavení 

Features & Benefits

MOBILETT Elara Max mobile X-ray machine with radiographer and patient

MOBILETT Elara Max is a mobile X-ray machine that helps you to transform care delivery, and makes a real and lasting difference to your entire department.

Radiographer pushes MOBILETT Elara Max mobile X-ray machine

With its exceptional maneuverability and flexible MAXreach arm, MOBILETT Elara Max helps your staff to work confidently and with ease so they can produce consistently high image quality – even when all batteries are empty.

Radiographer cleans arm of MOBILETT Elara Max mobile X-ray machine

With its unique antimicrobial coating and easy-to-clean design with integrated cables, MOBILETT Elara Max not only helps you to set the standard in infection prevention and control, but also makes system cleaning 2.8 times2 better.

Radiographer at patient bed touches display on MOBILETT Elara Max mobile X-ray machine

MOBILETT Elara Max integrates seamlessly and securely into your existing IT infrastructure and gives you access to relevant data where and when you need it. Thanks to the virtual workstation1 based on Windows 10©, you can install institution-specific third-party software (e.g. RIS client, PACS viewer, EMR client, or hospital intranet) to efficiently manage operations directly on MOBILETT Elara Max.

Fleet Level Benefits

High complexity in diagnostic imaging makes it challenging to run the radiology department efficiently. Siemens Healthineers helps you to reduce complexity by offering specific solutions across the entire X-ray portfolio which let you standardize, analyze and secure the imaging fleet. In this way, you can gain valuable Fleet Level Benefits: consistency, transparency and confidence. This results in improved outcomes, increased efficiency and greater staff and patient satisfaction.

  • Standardize for consistency
  • Analyze for transparency
  • Secure for confidence

Clinical Use

Technical Specifications

MOBILETT Elara Max is a mobile X-ray machine that stands out from the crowd. It helps you to transform care delivery, and makes a real and lasting difference to your entire department.

System specification

Power output

Max. 35 kW, max. 450 mA

Footprint (l x w x h)

127.8 cm x 59.8 cm x 157 cm

Max. focal spot height

213.5 cm

Tube positioning: Max. horizontal extension

124.5 cm

System weight (w/o optional accessories)

Approx. 380 kg

MAX wi-D detector

Dimensions 35 cm x 43 cm
Scintillator Cesium iodide (Csl)
Weight 3.3 kg

MAX mini detector

Dimensions 24 cm x 30 cm
Scintillator Cesium iodide (Csl)
Weight 1.6 kg

Clinical workflow

System access

Numeric keypad / PIN code or standard key switch1

User interface

syngo FLC

Standard battery pack (65 Ah)

Battery operation time 6 h/200 exposures at 70 kV/20 mAs
Standby time (On state) 12 h

High-power battery pack
(90 Ah)1

Battery operation time 8 h/270 exposures at 70 kV/20 mAs
Standby time (On state) 16 h

Image processing

DiamondView MAX: Automatic, dose-neutral image processing for enhanced organ-specific contrast and high level of detail visibility

Detector sharing

Possible across all MAX systems via MAXswap

Accessories / Options

Virtual workstation1

For institution-specific third-party installations3

Dose Area Product (DAP) measurement chamber

Integrated dose area product measurement system

Infrared remote control1

Operating range 10 m, 180°

WLAN connectivity

Industrial-strength WLAN module for increased reach and improved connectivity
Supported WLAN standards: 802.11 a/b/e/g/h/i/n
Supported frequency bands: 2.4 / 5 GHz

Giraffe design1

For creating a relaxed atmosphere

reddot design award winner 2019
MOBILETT Elara Max is a winner of this year's Red Dot Design Award.