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Ikona inovací

Minimálně invazivní léčba zaznamenala za poslední desetiletí velké pokroky, ale stále má obrovský potenciál pro další vývoj a inovace.

Jaký je roční nárůst minimálně invazivních obrazem řízených terapií?

Řada ARTIS icono je navržena tak, aby pomohla realizovat potenciál růstu tím, že nabídne bohatou kombinaci procedur v jediné intervenční sadě. Tato nejmodernější technologie vám zajistí, že budete patřit mezi uživatele špičkového inovativního systému.

Zjistěte, jak vás ARTIS icono podpoří v každodenních úkonech

ARTIS icono je systém pro vás – ať už se jedná o intervenční neuroradiologii, kardiovaskulární péči, intervenční radiologii nebo intervenční chirurgii. Je k dispozici jako podlahový nebo dvourovinný systém a splňuje klinické i finanční výzvy v neustále se měnícím světě zdravotnictví.

Features & Benefits

    Clinical Use

    Technical Details

    The basal part of the brain is always surrounded by massive bony structures which causes artifacts in 3D imaging. To overcome artifacts from these structures, a new double oblique trajectory for image acquisition was developed. Its additional cranial/caudal movements reduce cone beam CT artifacts in the basal part of the brain and close to the skull.

    With Twin Spin, you can now easily switch between 2D and 3D imaging for the first time ever, making 3D preparation faster. There’s no need to park the lateral plane prior to 3D imaging with the floor stand, and AP and lateral isocentering is performed in a single step – without having to move system components.

    • Less risk of collisions with equipment in the room, e.g. anesthesia
    • Facilitates utilization of syngo DynaCT
    • Makes procedures faster

    Clinical image of a vessel, captured with OPTIQ DSA Roadmap with excellent image quality

    OPTIQ DSA Roadmap with excellent image quality
    Clinical image courtesy of Jan Gralla, MD, Inselspital Bern, Switzerland

    OPTIQ enables constant image quality in support of ALARA1) dose, regardless of procedure, patient size or C-arm angulation. It is using a contrast-driven technique based on automatic parametrization and intelligent, self-adjusting algorithms. With OPTIQ Flavor, image quality is adjusted according to your personal image preferences.

    • Proven Siemens Healthineers-unique 5-parameter exposure control automatically adjusts tube parameters to optimize dose efficiency with variable detector entrance dose as an additional parameter.
    • SID and collimation settings are automatically considered

    • Structure Scout enables material-specific imaging – tuning the X-ray spectrum according to the material and providing dose savings of up to 51% in fluoroscopy and up to 55% in acquisitions while maintaining the same visibility of iodine.2)   

    Administrative Use

    ARTIS icono biplane makes different disciplines feel at home in the same interventional suite: Body interventionalists will appreciate full body coverage with the lateral plane for 2D and 3D abdominal imaging without having to reposition the patient. When interventional cardiologists share the lab with neuroradiologists, you can be sure that ARTIS icono biplane easily adapts to their different needs: All it takes is one press of a button – and the lateral plane changes from a radiological to a cardiological preferred setting in just 90 seconds.

    ARTIS icono biplane: Making different disciplines feel at home in the same interventional suite.

    ARTIS icono floor is a flexible, multi-axis system that offers ceiling-like flexibility with unparalleled 1.90 m lateral coverage. It offers full tableside integration as well as fully motorized movements of the C-arm to all imaging positions and angulations – supporting both vascular and cardiology interventions. With its small footprint, the system can be easily installed into room as small as 25 m2. All this makes ARTIS icono floor a cost-effective solution to meet the growing need for high versatility in the interventional suite.

    ARTIS icono comes with the Siemens Healthineers unique Guardian Program. An additional follow-the-sun, 24-hour real-time remote system monitoring service can detect and resolve errors before malfunctions occur – or at least trigger an instant response. Intelligent components lead to a stable service cost situation due to higher reliability.

    Faster workflows due to procedural intelligence with minimal user interaction: Case Flows are a sequence of system settings to match diagnostic steps and the treatment path. They can be used for standardization across multiple ARTIS icono labs. Furthermore, online training with PEPconnect helps team members get up to speed fast with ARTIS icono.