High-quality patient care through increased technology uptime and staff training atTPP Healthcare International, Thailand

Value Contribution

Innovative and state-of-the-art technology

Supports efficient and high-quality care

Onsite presence of an operations manage

To support hospital “go-live”

Co-marketing and education support

To promote the hospital‘s excellent patient care



Provide high-quality patient care

Facilitating usage of latest technology with a high level of uptime and availability 

Drive workforce excellence

Achieving ongoing performance improvement and consistent training of hospital staff

Establish excellent reputation

Becoming one of the preferred medical providers of ASEAN2 by providing best medical care

  • Value Partnership for provision and management of the medical technology for the new hospital, including medical imaging, molecular imaging, advanced therapies, as well as a total laboratory solution
  • Operations manager to enable a smooth start of operations during the hospital commissioning phase
  • Teamplay premium for performance management of equipment utilization
  • Ongoing education program for clinical and technical staff
  • Marketing support to promote the opening of the new hospital

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