Advancing healthcare with innovative technologies and workforce development programs at

Prisma Health, USA

Siemens Healthineers and Prisma Health have launched a 10-year Value Partnership focused on healthcare innovation, workforce development, and improving patient care for people of South Carolina. Through this relationship, Siemens Healthineers and Prisma Health will deploy the latest generation of medical technology at all Prisma Health sites, collaborate to improve the delivery of clinical services, and form an Intelligence Insights Center with the goal of advancing healthcare.

Value Contribution

Largest Value Partnership in the USA

With a shared vision of improving patient care

Onsite health economist

Supports research initiatives as part of the Intelligence Insights Center

 10 years

Enhanced healthcare, improved diagnostics, and more efficient, affordable care 



Upgrade medical technology

Improving accessibility and quality of healthcare available to the community

Optimize clinical operations

Deploying latest medical software and technology-enabled processes to improve operational efficiency 

Enhance clinical outcomes

Leveraging deidentified patient data to enable physicians to make more informed decisions

  • 10-year Value Partnership focusing on healthcare innovation, workforce development, and improving patient care for people of South Carolina
  • Deployment of innovative technologies at all Prisma Health sites e.g., ARTIS icono
  • Digital solutions e.g., AI-Rad Companion and syngo Virtual Cockpit, and ActExcell digital consulting program
  • Workforce development program to improve skills in an increasingly digital world
  • Intelligence Insights Center to implement innovative solutions combined with research initiatives

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