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Innovative mobile health units made 
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Insights  Series - issue 46

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Mobile healthcare units, often overlooked and underutilized, have the potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery by bringing services where patients are. The Medical-ConneX mobility solution, developed by the Hakuhokai Group at its Tokyo Hikifune Hospital, was developed with the goal of “connecting” patients and physicians as well as “connecting” both patients and physicians to high-quality medical care anytime, anywhere. This paper describes how the Medical-ConneX initiative based on their mobile healthcare unit model can utilize advanced technology and resources in:

  • Natural disaster relief 
  • Infectious disease response 
  • Home and community care 
  • Geographical isolations

Key takeaways from the paper

  • Mobile healthcare clinics have the potential to bridge the rural/urban divide in various countries.
  • Mobile healthcare units, with advanced technology, should be integrated into healthcare delivery planning worldwide to ensure equitable access and meet the demands for immediate care.
  •  Response to unexpected emergencies requires flexible and effective care delivery models 
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