syngo Lab Inventory ManagerCloud-based, multi-lab inventory management system for operational efficiency

syngo® Lab Inventory Manager* (sLIM) leverages cloud-based technology and wireless radio frequency identification (RFID) to enable real-time, automated inventory management across multiple laboratories for streamlined workflow.

  • Free staff from manual inventory management processes.
  • Improve laboratory cost efficiency.
  • Enhance inventory management.

Características e Benefícios

Dr. Oliver Colhoun

"Without sLIM, the lab would be a little more chaotic…sLIM centralized everything. We get a total overview of all items in stock and can complete purchase orders at the push of a button.”

Dr. Oliver Colhoun
Medical Director, Klinikum Frankfurt Höchst

syngo® Lab Inventory Manager (sLIM)
  • With sLIM, eliminate the need for manual counting with cloud-based and RFID technologies. The system automatically tracks inventory consumption in real time, including third-party products.
  • Cloud technology allows you to manage your inventory from any Internet-connected computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • sLIM’s proactive email alerts provide updates on hardware status to prevent inventory discrepancies.

Simplify inventory management
  • Automatically check out inventory when consumed.
  • View inventory status for multiple laboratory locations from your sLIM website.
  • Utilize intuitive, rules-based dashboard with flexible data views to provide a quick overview of inventory and ordering status.
  • Simplify ordering with automatic generation of reorder proposals based on inventory and customized criteria.

Better outcomes: Improve laboratory cost efficiency
  • Reduce reagent waste through automatic product expiration alerts.
  • Prevent costly emergency shipments with low-stock notification.
  • Reduce on-hand stock through improved ordering processes.

• Reagents
• Calibrators
• Any boxed third-party consumable

• Controls
• Ancillary consumables

Detalhes técnicos

1. RFID printer: Prints RFID labels for each inventory item.

2. RFID antenna: Detects RFID labels and transmits to the RFID reader.

3. RFID reader: Records consumed items and transmits to the Controller PC.

4. RFID handheld: Checks in, checks out, and transfers inventory.

5. Controller PC: Coordinates data flows between hardware and sLIM website server.