Implementing a patient-centric strategy by leveraging a long-term, trusted partnership at

Hospital Nova

The newly established and first-of-a-kind Value Partnership in Finland focuses on combining the visionary strategy of the Central Finland Healthcare District, characterized by a groundbreaking patient-centric approach, with the innovations and know-how portrayed by Siemens Healthineers. This pioneering cooperation is well set to enable Hospital Nova – the main hospital of the Central Finland Healthcare District – to provide high-quality diagnostics, increase workflow optimization, and improve overall patient experience.

Value Contribution

First Pioneering healthcare

With a first-of-a-kind Value Partnership in Finland (PPP model)

Supporting Nova’s strategy

With technology and process innovations, as well as know-how

Efficient Technology Management

Through a flexible and strong partnership, even during the COVID-19 pandemic



Increase efficiency

Simplifying administrative processes for optimal Technology Management 

Maximize positive outcomes

Delivering high-quality patient care and focus on the “patients first” approach

Optimize clinical operations

Improving clinical workflows with the latest technology and provide a comfortable working environment

  • 13-year Value Partnership, with potential for extension, to deliver and maintain a total of ca. 35 diagnostic imaging devices, ranging from CT and MRI to mobile C-arms, including staff training
  • Use of advanced technology to improve and support financial and clinical efficiency
  • Dedicated staff training program, and continuous maintenance and upgrades to support high-quality care provision
  • The contract also includes an opportunity to engage in Strategic Transformation projects in order to increase process efficiency or refine the clinical care value chain

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