AI-Rad Companion supports the physicians reading workflow and may increase your diagnostic precision when interpreting medical images

AI-Rad CompanionProviding multi-modality imaging decision support

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The power of AI is just a few clicks away.

With AI-Rad Companion Trial Light1 you can easily experience the quality of our algorithms – directly via your browser and without any installation effort.


The AI-Rad Companion, our family of AI-powered, augmented workflow solutions, helps you to reduce the burden of basic repetitive tasks and may increase your diagnostic precision when interpreting medical images.

Its solutions provide automatic post-processing of imaging datasets through our AI-powered algorithms. The automation of routine workflows with repetitive tasks and high case volumes helps you to ease your daily workflow – so that you can focus on more critical issues.

Our state-of-the-art algorithms will be automatically distributed to you as a user as soon as they are officially released and made available. Once the images are post-processed by the AI-Rad Companion, it supports your interpretation of the data by automatically providing results of its analysis to you for review, confirmation and possible inclusion in the final report or care pathway – to raise your precision and ensure high quality outcome in diagnostic decision-making.

All our AI-Rad Companion extensions are deployed via the teamplay digital health platform. This approach eases regular updates as well as upgrade processes and facilitates the integration of new offerings into the existing IT environment.

Learn more about AI-Rad Companion offerings for various modalities and body regions.

    Clinical Outcomes

    We developed the AI-Rad Companion to help you cope with a growing workload. With its deep learning algorithms, AI-Rad Companion automatically highlights abnormalities, segments anatomies, and compares results to reference values.

    Integration in clinical routine

    AI-Rad Companion can be fully integrated into the image interpretation workflow and helps you to handle your daily workload with greater ease – drive productivity with seamless integration in the reading and reporting workflow including automated measurements and DICOM structured reports while every workflow step remains under control to enable evidence based decisions. The AI-Rad Companion with Notifier enables radiologists to review AI results independent of any limitations of their current PACS system. AI-Rad Companion offers results in different data formats which enable advanced integration options, e.g. receive AI results directly in your reporting templates.

    Customer with MR Scanner and AI-Rad Companion

    Download our real-world clinical scenario and read how the AI-Rad Companion Chest CT is being used at Diagnostikum Linz, Austria in order to assess the thoracic aorta. Learn from the expert how AI-Rad Companion Chest CT does have a positive impact on reading and reporting, but also on patient care and workload improvements for radiographers.