Atellica Data Manager

Laboratory data management software to standardize testing and streamline result management across your diagnostics network

Accelerate and standardize result reviews. Reduce errors. Simplify and strengthen QC management. Enhance clinical decisions. Support compliance requirements. Enable audit-readiness. More open and scalable than ever before, Atellica® Data Manager is laboratory data management software designed to increase visibility and centralize management across a broad spectrum of multidisciplinary instruments and sites.

Features & Benefits

Get the functions you need most!

It’s never been easier to digitalize best practices that have proven effective in thousands of labs around the world using laboratory data management software that has evolved over more than 22 years!

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  • Rules-based Standardized Testing
  • Realtime Workflow Dashboard
  • Integrated QC Management
  • Simplified Review and Edit
  • Built-in Result Autovalidation
  • Robust Traceability, Audit Trails, and Reporting
Consolidate data management across your lab(s)
Interface to 1500+ open, multidisciplinary analyzers and IT systems
HBsAGII assay algorithm flowchart

Extensive Rules Library

Consider how you can streamline workflows by applying data-driven rules and algorithms for calculated tests, pre- and post-analytics, rerun and reflex testing, and clinical decision support.

Configurable Dashboard

Result Management

Quality Control

Powerful Rules &
Clinical Decision Support Capabilities

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    Put your data to work

    It can be time consuming, cumbersome, and expensive to work with individual analyzer software, to consolidate data in the laboratory information system, or to deal with functional gaps in immature middleware. Atellica Data Manager helps overcome these issues to deliver the results you care about!

    Technical Specifications

    Used by some of the world’s largest laboratories, the robust performance of Atellica Data Manager evolved over many years. The software can be easily configured to support unlimited instrument connections, users,  and concurrent sessions.  Connect and manage multiple labs, LISs, automation systems, and multidisciplinary instruments using a highly scalable, virtual, and open software solution with access to a growing library of more than 700 device drivers supporting approximately 1500 analyzer models and IT solutions  from these and other manufacturers:

    • A. Menarini
    • Abbott
    • Adaltys
    • Alifax
    • Beckman Coulter
    • Benson Viscometers Ltd.
    • bioMérieux
    • Bio-Rad
    • CellaVision
    • COPAN
    • Diagnostica Stago
    • DiaSorin
    • Diatron
    • DIESSE Diagnostica Senese
    • Dynex Technologies
    • Eiken Chemical Co.
    • Fujirebio
    • Grifols
    • Helena Laboratories
    • Hitachi
    • Hologic
    • IDS
    • Inova Diagnostics
    • Instrument Laboratories
    • Intellitec Healthcare IT Solutions GmbH
    • JEOL
    • MIKROGEN Diagnostik
    • NGNY Devices S.L.
    • Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
    • Roche
    • RR Mechatronics
    • Sebia
    • Seegene, Inc.
    • SERION Diagnostics
    • Siemens Healthineers
    • Snibe Diagnostic
    • Sysmex
    • TECAN
    • Thermo Fisher Scientific
    • Tosoh Bioscience
    • Trinity Biotech
    • Waters Corporation

    Click here to see a current list of instrument interfaces that are supported by Atellica Data Manager. Availability of products varies by country. Ask your local Siemens Healthineers representative for a list of instruments available in your local market.


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