Deep Resolve boosts patient access to MRI exams


Access to MRI scans at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Davie Medical Center in Davie County, North Carolina, USA used to be a daunting challenge. Patients had to endure waiting times of up to two and a half weeks. However, thanks to the implementation of Deep Resolve, this has been reduced to merely two business days.

Deep Resolve has undoubtedly revolutionized MRI access, transforming patient experience and making life easier for both staff and medical professionals. Watch the video to find out how Deep Resolve increased the hospital’s revenue by 40% and how staff enjoys now extra time between their patients.

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Deep Resolve is an AI-powered image reconstruction technology that takes advantage of convolutional neural networks to accelerate MR scans, e.g. 70% for brain imaging, making them faster than ever before. 

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