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More than 1.6 billion people – over 20% of the world’s population are anemic1, many due to iron deficiency. In resource-poor areas, this is frequently exacerbated by infectious diseases, placing a significant health and economic burden on both patients and healthcare institutions. Since anemia is usually found during routine blood tests, laboratory diagnostic testing plays an integral role in addressing the various clinical needs for anemia management.

Siemens Healthineers provides one of the most comprehensive menus for anemic disorders to help clinicians accurately diagnose and monitor treatment. Add these assays to your anemia test menu to address clinical needs in anemia health.

Erythropoietin Assay

Erythropoietin Assay

Atellica® IM and ADVIA Centaur® Erythropoietin Assay specifications sheet

A valuable aid in the diagnosis of anemias and polycythemias

  • Achieve accurate diagnosis with excellent sensitivity and low-end precision compared to other commercially available EPO assays
  • Increase lab efficiency and cost effectiveness by avoiding send outs or alternate platform testing
  • Enable clinicians to quickly differentiate anemia and polycythemia conditions with a broad menu on one trusted automated platform

Active B12 Assay

Active B-12 Assay

Atellica® IM and ADVIA Centaur® Active-B12 Assay specifications sheet

A powerful diagnostic tool to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency

  • Identify anemia sooner by using a better indicator of vitamin B12 status
  • Measure the biologically active form of vitamin B12, delivering confidence in patient results with improved sensitivity and specificity
  • Minimize lot-to-lot variability with an Active-B12 assay that uses kitted calibrators and is traceable to WHO International Standard for holotranscobalamin; NIBSC code 03/178

Women’s Health and Anemia

Women's Health and Anemia Brochure

Women’s Health and Anemia brochure

Helping to advance the health and vitality of women throughout the continuum of life

  • Anemia is usually detected through routine blood tests therefore laboratory diagnostic testing plays an integral role in caring for women with anemia
  • Reducing the burden of anemic disorders in women includes understanding risk factors and symptoms and monitoring treatment
  • Siemens Healthineers offers comprehensive solutions including risk assessment and early prevention, diagnosis, therapy, and aftercare

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