UFC - Ultra Fast Ceramic

UFC - Ultra Fast Ceramic

UFC - a Breakthrough in Scintillation Materials
Siemens is the technology leader in medical Computed Tomography - we offer the world's fastest rotating CT system1 based on out cutting-edge UFC (Ultra Fast Ceramics) detector technology


Siemens detector competence
After more than 25 years of experience in developing, designing, manufacturing and maintaining CT detector systems, Siemens has gained unparalleled insights and know-how in scintillation technology. Well-proven in the clinical setting, Ultra Fast Ceramics offer the outstanding properties that will help advance other fields and applications, too. We now offer our UFC technology to other industries for state-of-the-art X-ray analysis and non-destructive inspections.


Our competence becomes your success
Whatever your industry and focus is - whether you strive to improve process and quality control, or to drive materials research - we can help you achieve your goals. Here you can find out more about our high-performance scintillator material. Challenge us - and discover how best to benefit from our leading expertise and experience.

1180 rotations per minute and > 4,500 projections per second.