Expanding precision medicine

Expandir a medicina de precisãoProporcionar a cada paciente o tratamento certo, no momento certo.

Medicine today is generally based on a “one-size-fits-all” practice, and where targeted therapies are possible, it is impractical to scale.
The goal of ‘Expanding precision medicine’ is to provide the right treatment at the right time for every patient. Tailoring treatment starts with a highly-specific diagnosis without unwarranted variation. Based on data integrated from existing sources, adding genomics and radiomics enables a holistic understanding of the individual. These unique characteristics steer the personalization of treatment.
A precise understanding of a patient’s condition is the most effective approach to deliver outcomes favorable to all stakeholders.

4 pillars of ‘Expanding precision medicine’Improve diagnostic accuracyReduce unwarranted variationsPersonalize when it mattersAdvance therapy outcomes

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