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Digitalizar a saúdeComo criar uma organização digital

We believe healthcare will be digital. Data will be managed as a key strategic asset. The vast quantity of health data available will be analyzed by increasingly powerful tools, including AI algorithms, to improve clinical and operational decision making. Digital technologies will bring patients and care teams closer together. Technology and culture change will foster development of a self-improving learning health system.Today, unstructured data from siloed sources and insufficient analytical capabilities still prevent leveraging the full potential of big data in healthcare.

Digitalizing healthcare is the key enabler for Expanding precision medicine, Transforming care delivery, and Improving patient experience.

Ultimately, digitalizing healthcare enables providers to achieve better outcomes at lower costs. To make this possible four steps are critical:

  • Empower data-driven decisions
    Simplify workflows and enable decision support on patient- and enterprise level by leveraging analytics, benchmarking insights and using AI-companions.
  • Connect care teams and patients
    Connect caregivers and patients for better coordination and knowledge sharing. Strengthen integrated care across the health system.
  • Build a learning health system
    Continuously optimize, expand and advance digital adoption, enterprise performance and patient outcomes. Digitalizing healthcare is a culture, not a project.

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