Remote-controlled Fluoroscopy Systems

Siemens’ remote-controlled fluoroscopy systems are designed with the X-ray tubes over the table and remote operation. These modular systems are ideally suited for universal applications
2-in-1 remote-controlled fluoroscopy machine offering the advantages of both digital fluoroscopy and radiography

2-in-1 fluoroscopy machine

  • High-end digital system
  • Wireless detectors
  • Ceiling-suspended X-ray tube (option)

Remote-Control Fluoroscopy Systems – Luminos dRF Max

  • High-end digital system
  • Wireless detectors and ceiling-suspended X-ray tube option
  • The Max effect - where gains multiply

Fluoroscopy machine - Luminos Fusion

The 2-in-1 system that fits your needs and fits your budget

  • Digital 2-in-1 efficiency
  • Dynamic flat detector and image intensifier version
  • Ceiling-suspended X-ray tube option