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Subscribe to the topics of your interest to receive information that matters to you and your daily work. Or jump in and join discussion relevant to your clinical field of interest. The general idea of this forum is to provide you and your peers with a way to find, discuss and share information on the technical usage of equipment and the optimization of patient care.

Registration Process

You need an Online Services Account/ Siemens Healthineers Account to use the User Forum. If you have used other Online Services before, e.g. the Document Library or Teamplay Fleet, you may already have an account. In that case, log in and continue at step 2 (Adding the User Forum to your services)


Visit the Siemens Healthineers Account registration page or simply click the »Login/Register«-button on the right side of this page.

Fill out the form and click onto “Select Services”, tick the box for “User Forum”.

Fill in your company/ Organisation and consent to the Data processing information.

You will receive an activation email from the sender

Click the activation link and set a password for your account.

You have now created a Siemens Healthineers account.


If you already have a Siemens Healthineers account you can add “User Forum” to your services here: by adding the Service with the “Add” button.


After completing phase one of the registration process you are forwarded to the start page of the Siemens Healthineers User Forum .

Click »Login«. You are automatically logged in since you just set your password.

Read the disclaimer carefully and click »Proceed« if you approve, »Cancel« if you don‘t (you won‘t be able to use the Heathcare User Forum in this case).

If you proceeded, you will be directed to your Healthcare User Forum Dashboard.

Select a user group to join.


Since all groups are moderated, the dedicated moderator will have to approve your group membership.

 In the appearing screen (after selecting a user group), enter a short message to the moderator, accept the »Terms and conditions« and click »Request to Join«.



In order to guarantee peer-to-peer discussions in this forum, we will verify that you are a healthcare professional. In order to do that, we might contact you via email. This process should not take longer than one working day.


Once you are approved by the moderator, you receive an email letting you know that you have access to the User Group you requested to join. You can share away now.

Have fun!

Join and benefit from the exclusive healthcare professionals network: The Siemens Healthineers User Forum

Available User Groups

Below you find a listing of all currently available user groups within the Siemens Healthcare User Forum. If you qualify for one, please register and request access.

The syngo.via Community user group is for Siemens syngo.via users, to access educational material, share and discuss clinical experience of syngo.via. The syngo.via Community is exclusive to syngo.via users and not open for any other users.

The syngo.via Frontier Forum user group is a platform for users of syngo.via Frontier, an additional syngo.via server dedicated to research and prototype development. The group aims at connecting a global group of researchers working with Siemens scanners, syngo.via and syngo.via Frontier for the purpose of discussing research ideas, challenges, and approaches related to available research prototypes. Only users of syngo.via Frontier are applicable for this user group.

The syngo.via View&GO group is an exclusive online platform only for customers. Exchange your experience, get practical tips, and raise questions, in case you need feedback on specific topics.

The syngo Dynamics community is an exclusive group for customers to connect to other colleagues all over the world. Exchange your experience, get practical tips, and raise questions in case you need feedback on specific topics! 

The Research Frontier Developer Community offers all you need to start developing your own Frontier research applications and OpenApps applications for the syngo.via platform. Read through the resources to make coding for syngo.via as easy as possible. Feel free to provide feedback or ask questions at any time, our developers are glad to support you with any questions.