POCcelerator® Data Management System

At the center of point-of-care testing

Easily, securely, and robustly connect all your POCT devices, regardless of manufacturer

With POCcelerator data management system, you can simplify your POCT workflows and dramatically reduce workload for your staff.

Collect and review all patient results, quality controls, operators, reagents, and device data in a clear and structured format in order to comply with regulatory guidelines.

Maintain control of your POC Ecosystem™ solution, containing hundreds of devices, dozens of sites, and thousands of operators. Improve workflow, extend and enhance clinical capabilities, and improve the overall profitability of POC operations.

  • Vendor-neutral connectivity
  • More than 220 device interfaces
  • Flexible growth

Fonctionnalités et avantages

Connect securely to more than 220 supported device interfaces with an open, reliable POC informatics platform. Comprehensive compliance management of staff and equipment reduces risk and advances care. Consolidated analytics and a vendor-neutral, centralized IT infrastructure support improved efficiencies and reduced costs.

  1. POCcelerator Sales Guided Operator Management

    Efficiently manage secure access to your POC devices. Provide eLearning courses and automate your operator management with efficient, effective, and simple operator recertification.

Approche clinique

  • Laboratory: Quality assurance, user management, and a large selection of devices
  • Medical Device Department: Monitoring, support, and control of devices
  • IT Department: Stable and secure IT infrastructure
  • Procurement: Cost-effectiveness and savings with a single middleware solution
  • Nursing Department: Organizational management of point-of-care devices

POCcelerator has more than 220 device interfaces. Check for compatible instruments by downloading the Device Interface List.