Multispecies TestingEnabling comprehensive animal testing with reliable, first-pass results?

The ADVIA® 120 and 2120i Systems are the only hematology analyzers for both human and animal samples offering complete multispecies hematology testing capability with practical automation. The system features high throughput capacity of 120 samples per hour with sophisticated technologies for blood cell analysis.

  • Twenty-one pre-programmed species provide ready-to-use cell gating across a wide spectrum of species
  • Unlimited number of user-definable archetypes allow easy expansion to new species
  • Data manager provides full traceability at no additional cost, allowing you to run customized reports at any time

“The ADVIA Multispecies software accurately measures hemoglobin concentration in samples that are compromised by hemolytic and lipemic events. The superior technology of the system allows proper analysis of even the most aged and sub optimal samples.”

Marco Caldin, DVM PhD ECVCP diplomate
Contract Professor of Clinical Pathology,
Director of San Marco Veterinary Clinic
Padua, Italy