Luminos dRF MaxTaking 2-in-1 to the MAX in radiography and fluoroscopy

With increasing cost pressure and the number of fluoroscopy examinations decreasing, dedicated fluoroscopy machines tend to be underutilized and financially not sustainable.

Luminos dRF Max1 is a true dual-use system that offers both digital fluoroscopy and radiography. It covers all general fluoroscopic exams, and is also designed to perform radiographic examinations on the table.

Improve your return on investment by optimizing utilization with both fluoroscopy and radiography in a single system. 


  • Safer use – with a 48 cm table height and SmartTouch
  • Sharper imaging – with a 43 cm x 43 cm MAX dynamic detector
  • Stronger synergies – with 2-in-1 efficiency and Ysio Max option
  • MAX effect to multiply gains