Precision COVID-19 testing in the vaccine era:
Solving challenges for 2021 and beyond
Article on expanding precision medicine published in the Journal of Precision Medicine

Precision testing COVID-19. Vaccine era. Article from JPM.

While the advent of effective vaccines has been a game changer, it does not mean that testing programs are no longer needed. This article examines four current and future COVID-19 testing challenges and solutions to overcome each one of them. Applying testing solutions to best effect requires the application of principles of precision medicine - in this case, getting the right test to the right person at the right time.

While we have learned much about this evolving pandemic and this virus, there is still more to learn. Testing programs that continue to meet clinical, organizational, social, and evolving technological needs are, along with vaccines, the cornerstones of executive management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthcare executives should:

  1. Develop and optimize precision testing programs, complementing the strengths of COVID-19 tests.
  2. Develop a team-based approach and scalable infrastructure to provide timely access to processing of tests, and communication of results.
  3. Tailor precision testing protocols to specific populations.
  4. Encourage organizations to be vigilant regarding the unknowns associated with COVID-19, particularly the impact of virus variants and the duration of vaccine-generated immunity.
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