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When stroke strikes, be ahead of your time.Advance stroke care and deliver outcomes that matter to patients

For stroke patients, time is of the essence. Every minute saved can positively impact patient outcomes. That’s why it’s key to save time along the entire stroke patient pathway – from the onset of stroke to treatment and follow-up.
Marios Psychogios – Stroke patient care

Stroke solutions

As your partner in stroke management, we keep you ahead of your time. Our advanced technologies let you speed up stroke care and transform care delivery along the entire patient pathway – from stroke screening and pre-hospital diagnosis and care to in-hospital diagnosis and treatment. Explore our offerings for stroke care!
  1. Physician viewing relevant patient data on patient chart in the physician portal
    Care teams need a complete view of patient health data to make timely decisions and reduce time to treatment. eHealth Solutions enable a single view of comprehensive patient health data and make it accessible to care teams and patients across institutions and when needed for fast and confident decision-making. With fast and easy data sharing, eHealth Solutions foster close collaboration across care teams along the entire patient journey to achieve better and timely patient outcomes.
    • Care teams can be better equipped thanks to a single view of the longitudinal clinical summary – to better anticipate patient needs along with better patient care 
    • Immediate access to summarized and most specific patient health data, test results, and diagnostic images in order to adjust care appropriately – reducing time spent searching for information or eliminating unnecessary tests for faster time to treatment 
    • Elimination of ineffective back-and-forth communication during care transitions through single view of most specific details of patient’s health status 
    • Aggregation of patient data and easy data sharing among the entire care teams to help better anticipate the patient’s health condition 
    • Facilitated live video chat communication between physicians to ensure appropriate and collaborative decisions
  2. SOMATOM for stroke management
    One important element in the care of hospitalized stroke patients is follow-up CT imaging. This becomes a time-intensive process if the patient is lying in an intensive care unit (ICU) due to her or his severe condition. Under these circumstances you want your staff to be able to perform diagnostics quickly and make treatment decisions right away and with confidence. Our mobile head CT scanner SOMATOM provides access to consistent and reliable SOMATOM image quality, right at your patient’s bedside.

    • Perform in-room scanning with this completely self-shielded CT scanner. This allows staff to stay next to the patient during the examination, and other patients can also remain in the room. 
    • Reduce patient transports for CT imaging throughout the hospital. This has numerous benefits, from less potential for clinical complications during patient transport to decreased risk of hospital-acquired infections. 
    • Optimize staff deployment by letting ICU staff stay in their ward and continue to care for ICU patients. With our mobile CT scanner, there is no need for them to accompany patient transports for head CT examinations. 
    • Achieve high image quality at the point of care and rely on SOMATOM components like Stellar detector and SAFIRE iterative reconstruction.

  3. Portfolio for stroke pathway
    To confirm ischemic stroke, detect the location of the vessel occlusion, and evaluate the brain damage, you need to rely on excellent diagnostic imaging. CT or MR imaging is considered the gold standard per international stroke guidelines. Our dedicated CT and MRI stroke protocols provide the relevant information on the severity of the damage so you can make confident diagnostic decisions fast.
    CT scanners for stroke care
    • A highly precise visualization of the penumbra 
    • Automated 5-step workflow available 24/7 
    • Neuro Perfusion as routine with zero-click calculation and archiving of perfusion maps
    MR scanners for stroke care
    • Perform a comprehensive stroke work-up including diffusion, perfusion, morphology, and edema identification 
    •  Run fast, push-button and clinically validated brain exams, with GOBrain 
    •  Be one step ahead in acceleration - with Turbo Suite Excelerate including SMS Diffusion
    ARTIS icono for stroke care
    • Twin Spin permits seamless switching between 2D and 3D imaging 
    • Raising the bar in consistent 3D image quality for whole brain imaging with syngo DynaCT Sine Spin
    ARTIS pheno for stroke care

    • Hybrid OR offers the possibility to perform craniotomy surgery
    • syngo DynaCT provides intra-operative confirmation of procedural success

    • Uncompromised image quality throughout the CT scanner portfolio – with optimized signal-to-noise and contrast-to-noise ratios for excellent gray-white matter differentiation and contrast enhancement
    • Standardized scanning and post-processing workflow – as well as fully automated or semi-automated perfusion post-processing – to enhance precision medicine
    • Fast scan, analysis, and decision support for endovascular mechanical thrombectomy planning, ongoing triage, and treatment pathway: Every second counts in stroke, because “time is brain”

  4. Reducing door-to-groin time for stroke patients at your institution is critical. Optimize clinical processes and perform CT diagnostics and angio stroke treatment in the same room. In our Nexaris Angio-CT suite, patients can even stay on the same table for diagnostics and treatment – translating into time savings and enhanced safety. In a two-room set-up, you can even use the systems independently.
    Nexaris Agnio-CT for stroke care

    Nexaris Angio-CT suite: A smart combination of an ARTIS icono biplane and a CT scanner in one room. Speed up diagnostics and interventional stroke treatment by eliminating time spent on transporting and transferring patients.

    • Share one table for diagnostics and treatment, making patient transfer unnecessary 
    • Potential cost savings thanks to reduced workflow time 
    •  High‐end care for centers of excellence
  5. Stroke management angio only
    Stroke patients need medical help extremely fast. Unfortunately, CT- and MRI-based workflows cost valuable time.1) In an angio-only approach, you may save valuable time by combining pre-procedural imaging and treatment on the same angio system.1) 

     Our ARTIS icono supports you with fast and precise cone beam CT imaging – right in your angio lab.

    1) US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, “One‐stop management of acute stroke patients: minimizing door to reperfusion times.” (2017) Available from: [last visited February 08, 2021]

    In a stroke emergency setting the door-to-groin time can be shortened by 34 minutes by using syngo DynaCT and the angio only approach.1);3) 

    Visualize suspicious intracranial bleedings with syngo DynaCT Sine Spin 

    With syngo DynaCT Multiphase it is possible for the first time to visualize cerebral collateral vessels with time-resolved syngo DynaCT, depicting 10 different time points within a period of 60 seconds 

    Dynamic CBCT perfusion calculation can be performed with Rapid for Angio2)

    1) M. Psychogios et al.; Stroke. 2017 Nov;48(11):3152-3155.
    2) The information shown herein refers to a product of a 3rd party manufacturer, RapidAI, and is in their regulatory responsibility. The compatibility of the 3rd party manufacturer product is based on Rapid software 5.0.3.
    3) The study was performed at a single center and there can be no guarantee that other customers will achieve the same results.

    Marios Psychogios – One stop management

    “One stop management of stroke patients with suspected large vessel occlusion (NIHSS > 6) is feasible and can save 30 to 60 minutes of in-hospital time.”

    Marios Psychogios, MD
    Head of Neuroradiology Department
    University Hospital Basel, Switzerland

To quickly and confidently diagnose stroke, assess its impact, and perform mechanical thrombectomy, you need clear information. All our CT and MRI scanners as well as angiography systems let you see even the smallest anatomical details in excellent quality. See for yourself!

Value Partnerships

Siemens Healthineers can offer enduring, performance-oriented partnerships. Our comprehensive all-in-one solution supports your entire service line – beyond technology provision and management – fostering best-in-class operational excellence. Our Value Partnerships help you increase enterprise-wide value to meet both your immediate and your future goals. They encompass the latest technologies, digital platforms, consulting, and design planning advise – enabled through our innovative business and financing models

Within the context of a modern, digitally enabled health system, we help you achieve operational excellence: 

  • Enhance processes, streamline operations, and improve patient experience
  • Define, optimize, and monitor the performance of dedicated stroke KPIs
  • Add new capabilities and scale up existing ones to transform care delivery while maintaining quality and profitability
  • Elevate the quality and precision of care delivery by advancing the level of innovation in your organization
Stroke patient pathway MUSC

As part of our strategic Value Partnership to reshape healthcare delivery, we aim to optimize stroke care with Innovation & Informatics solutions to help improve post-stroke quality of life, prevent recurrence of stroke, and reduce prevalence of primary stroke within the community.

We at Siemens Healthineers are privileged and excited to be working with the Australian Stroke Alliance to transform stroke care delivery. The Australian Stroke Alliance is recognized for its commitment to enable every Australian citizen access to stroke treatment – not just in big metropolitan areas, but especially in the most rural communities, where many challenges need to be overcome in order to offer timely and efficient stroke treatment.

We contribute with our broad portfolio along the entire patient care pathway – spanning informed decision-making, image-based decision guidance, and procedural therapy solutions that help healthcare providers to significantly reduce time metrics in stroke management.

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Future vision for stroke management

Get a small taste of what future digitalization can mean for Paula, a middle-aged woman with an elevated risk of being hit by a stroke.

We at Siemens Healthineers are committed to helping healthcare providers globally to succeed in today’s dynamic environment. We are inspired to transform the way things are done – because we want what is best for our people, our customers, and ultimately the health of mankind.

Connecting data and people to improve patient outcomes – digitalizing healthcare
Digitalizing healthcare is the key enabler for expanding precision medicine transforming care delivery, and improving patient experience. Ultimately, digitalizing healthcare enables providers to achieve better outcomes at lower costs. To make this possible, four steps are critical:

  • Manage data as a strategic asset, e.g. with the support of technology like the digital twin
  • Empower data-driven decisions
  • Connect care teams and patients
  • Build a learning health system, e.g. using AI technology
Stroke care - Corindus
With image-guided, robotic-assisted therapy, we are transforming the way endovascular care is delivered. Together, advanced imaging and robotics with assisted automation enable physicians to treat patients more precisely – With our vision to reach more people and expedite time to treatment, we’ll bring essential therapy to heart attack and stroke patients where they are, when they need it.

  • Telerobotics will expand access to care
  • Future technology integration will improve workflow and patient outcomes
  • Specialized capabilities make treatment safer and more precise
  • Innovations create a safer environment

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