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Driving performance in healthcare to create more value

Siemens Healthineers Consulting combines in-depth knowledge of healthcare, clinical excellence, and local know-how with deep expertise in business case development, digital transformation and operational efficiency. We accompany you from strategy optimization, commissioning, to the enhancement of your processes - from ideation to implementation.

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Showcasing the Consulting Benefit: End to end transformation partners

Unlock the potential of your healthcare organization with our comprehensive consulting services. From ideation to operation and optimization, we address your unique challenges, creating success and long-term value. Our experts help develop concepts that lead to sustainable growth, while our change management process establishes sustainable improvements. Partner with us to navigate the evolving healthcare landscape effectively and create more value.

Showcasing the Consulting Benefit: Expertise of ES Consulting

With over 170 years of proficiency, industry and deep healthcare expertise, we provide precise solutions for your challenges. Our experts bring specialized knowledge through their clinical and proven leadership backgrounds, enhancing your ability to manage and accomplish change effectively through their unique perspectives.

Showcasing the Consulting Benefit: People from around the world working together

Partner with us to access a full spectrum of healthcare solutions and services throughout your journey. Our comprehensive support system extends beyond individual perspectives. It leverages global insights and subject matter experts, co-creating exceptional value tailored to your market and local professionals.

Showcasing the Consulting Benefit: Diversity

Experience diverse global perspectives with our interdisciplinary team and embrace a partnership mindset for enduring success that transcends traditional dynamics. Achieve impactful change using our comprehensive solutions, from idea to operational efficiency.

Showcasing the Consulting Benefit: From vision to reality

Empower your healthcare organization to make a measurable impact, focusing on what matters most: patients. We focus on transforming ambition into practical outcomes, leaving behind inconsequential strategies. With data-driven advice and expert insights, we drive change that turns your vision into decisive action.

Showcasing the Consulting Benefit: End to end transformation partners

Unlock the potential of your healthcare organization with our comprehensive consulting services. From ideation to operation and optimization, we address your unique challenges, creating success and long-term value. Our experts help develop concepts that lead to sustainable growth, while our change management process establishes sustainable improvements. Partner with us to navigate the evolving healthcare landscape effectively and create more value.


What your peers have achieved

Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)

Improving patient outcomes through an innovative world-class stroke program

“Through this partnership, both organizations will transform healthcare delivery in clinical practice, open new research pathways, and greatly enhance the exposure and involvement of our students in healthcare innovation.” 

David J. Cole, MD, MUSC president

Marienhaus Unternehmensgruppe: Vorantreiben der Digitalisierung durch Technologiepartnerschaft

Reshaping care delivery through a future-oriented digitalization strategy 

“This Value Partnership revealed how professional Siemens Healthineers is, not only in medical technology, but also in solving process issues, creating future-proof strategies, and regarding digitalization topics.”        

Hans-Walter Schmittel, CIO Marienhaus Group & Managing Director 

Value Partnerships Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in London

Sustainable value creation for all - patients, staff, and the hospital

“We felt understood and reassured by Siemens Healthineers. It was clear they had walked in our shoes and shared our dedication to patient care.”  

Bernadette Cronin, Clinical Director, Radiology Department, Guy´s and St Thomas´

White paper and case studies

Showcase of the case study on Value Partnerships in ASEAN

Innovating care delivery in a diverse region: South East Asia

Find best practice examples of our Value Partnerships in ASEAN and learn how we have been able to achieve greatness in this diverse region with our partners.

Showcase of the White paper on Consulting and Transformation

Consulting services and the digital transformation of healthcare 

Learn how choosing the right consulting partner can help healthcare providers thrive in challenging times, unlock value and drive future-proof transformation.

A new frontier in affordable and accessible cancer care

A new frontier in affordable and accessible cancer care 

We can help your cancer center deliver breakthroughs in screening, diagnosis, and treatment while improving outcomes.

Our Experts

Close-up picture of our expert Betsy Whiteaker

Betsy Whiteaker

Global Head of Operations Consulting, Siemens Healthineers Consulting

Close-up picture of our expert Betsy Whiteaker

Jessica Turgon

Global Head of Oncology ConsultingSiemens Healthineers Consulting

Close-up picture of our expert Marc Schipmann, M. Sc.

Marc Schipmann

Global Head of Digital TransformationSiemens Healthineers Consulting

Close-up picture of our expert Max Grenz, M. Sc.

Max Grenz

Global Head of Value CreationSiemens Healthineers Consulting 

Siemens Healthineers Value Partners for Healthcare Consulting helps drive the digital transformation in the healthcare industry.

Are you thriving to change the healthcare industry? Do you want to leverage your expertise to shape the future of healthcare delivery while enjoying a supportive and growth-oriented work environment?

Embark on a rewarding journey in healthcare consulting, where you can make a tangible impact on the healthcare evolution. Siemens Healthineers is a company that enables you to drive change in the health sector.


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Value Creation

Unlock the full potential of your healthcare business with our comprehensive suite of solutions, including M&A advisory, greenfield planning, and activation consulting, all backed by data-driven advice and expert insights for a seamless journey from vision to action.

Our Mergers, Acquisitions, and Partnerships practice provides comprehensive transaction advisory support to global businesses, guiding them through the intricacies of long-term strategic transactions and partnerships. From deal origination and execution, to operations, and divestiture, we provide hands-on, differentiated guidance, collaborating closely with our clients and finance services to ensure success. Meanwhile, our Greenfield Consulting experts support you in putting your vision of a new healthcare facility into practice. Our team supports you in defining the right market entry strategy, building a bankable business case and develop a thorough feasibility study. We help you to stay ahead, adapt to industry shifts, and build for the future of healthcare. With Activation Consulting, we empower your institution to excel in a changing healthcare landscape. The cross-functional perspective encompassing human, technology, and processes, enables you to make informed decisions, ensuring success in medical, economic, and organizational planning.

Siemens Healthineers Conuslting experts showcasing features of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Elevate healthcare through our Digital Transformation & Implementation practice, where we assist institutions in digitizing healthcare, provide comprehensive IT management consulting, and empower digital change to transform healthcare systems and organizations.

Through our Digital Health Strategy and Planning practice, we assess your current digitalization status and collaborate to develop operational, strategic, and visionary actions. We design digital roadmaps and offer support for introducing patient/staff-centric programs. Our expertise extends to identifying optimization measures in technology, workflow, and infrastructure. We work to define the future structure of hospital IT organizations, ensuring they are strategically positioned to meet current challenges and future needs. We also focus on achieving operational excellence through the implementation of practical digital solutions, supported by structured change management and monitoring tools. Implementing context-specific digital solutions aligned with strategic objectives and user needs, ensuring a sustainable and economically viable digital transformation is also part of our comprehensive offering.

Clinical Operations

Operations Consulting

Empower your staff and optimize clinical operations with our comprehensive approach, ranging from asset planning to LEAN-based processes, to focus on what matters most – your patients – and deliver outcomes that truly matter. 

ActExcell is a digitally-enabled service that combines data-driven insights with experienced healthcare advisors to drive a continuous stream of meaningful improvements through digital dashboards and defined KPIs. Our Clinical Pathways practice prioritizes patient-centered healthcare through innovative technology like AI. We provide a comprehensive approach, spanning assessment to ongoing monitoring, aimed at improving medical outcomes and enhancing the patient experience. Workflow optimization is vital for success in today’s healthcare market. Our specialized consultants work closely with healthcare organizations to design effective structures aligned with clinical, financial, and organizational goals, enhancing clinical operations and patient experiences.

Siemens Healthineers Consulting expert advising doctor about clinical pathway within a hospital

Clinical Centers of Excellence - Oncology

Make a difference through Oncology Centers of Excellence and provide state-of-the-art patient care. We understand the challenges faced by cancer programs and their patients, and are dedicated to helping you provide transformative care in their communities.

We are your partners as you navigate the care continuum and evolving care models in Oncology: using proprietary tools, we help you build a deeper understanding of market dynamics, positions, and growth targets at tumor-specific disease levels. Our well-defined programmatic offerings from patient access to ancillary support services provide you with the support you need to become a comprehensive center of excellence.

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Value Partnerships

Value Partnerships optimize care delivery to create more value for you. We partner to drive change in healthcare. Find out about our innovative business models.

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Actionable Excellence towards real outcomes.

Architects planning new hospital layout

Facility Design and Planning Services

Plan your healthcare facilities and improve patient and staff experience through Value Partnerships.


Let's unlock new value - together

Connect with us to find out how to drive performance to create more value in your organization.