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Digital will be the “new normal”

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We believe digital will be the “new normal”. COVID-19 will be considered as an inflection point for digitalization. We believe that it will help accelerate the overdue digital transformation in healthcare both in public health and for private health systems. Currently, healthcare providers struggle with unstructured data from fragmented sources. And insufficient analytical capabilities prevent leveraging the full potential of big data.

Digitalizing healthcare and digital platforms are the most important enablers for expanding precision medicine, transforming care delivery, and improving patient experience. But there are cumulative steps on the road to operationalizing insights gained from data. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) can turn data into actionable insights, but first it must be intelligently generated, and aggregated.
Furthermore, guaranteeing cybersecurity is crucial to maximizing value while minimizing risk. The digitalization of healthcare will increase value and thus improve medical outcomes at reduced costs.

Key benefits

Siemens Healthineers Digitalization along entire pathway
Digital Platforms - Streamlining operations management icon

Digital Platforms - Supporting diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making

  • AI-Rad Companion: Automatically performs measurements and prepares results in the form of clinical images and reports
  • Digital Marketplace: Gives you access to a curated portfolio of digital applications for your healthcare organization
  • Medicalis Clinical Decision Support: Is an imaging clinical decision support platform, that helps evaluate the appropriateness of imaging orders by delivering up-to-date, evidence-based clinical best practice guidelines at the point of order entry

Digital Platforms - Connecting care teams and patients
  • teamplay myCare Companion: Enables care providers to easily set up their remote care management program to better manage large patient populations
  • eHealth Solutions: Provide you with services and applications for cross-institutional communication and collaboration for efficient patient care

Digital Platforms - Fulfilling cybersecurity standards
We offer a state-of-the-art portfolio of secure products, cybersecurity management services, and consulting that provides you with what you need for optimal protection across your institution. We constantly improve our systems and processes and train our teams in cybersecurity matters, so that high cyberthreat awareness stays top of mind.

RealTime Location Solutions (RTLS)

RealTime Location Solutions1 (RTLS) utilize ready-to-deploy or individually customized digital technology solutions to automatically identify and track the location of assets, patients1 or staff1 in real time.

RTLS improve clinical and operational outcomes through real-time visualization and optimization of your performance. 

RTLS help drive clinical and operational performance improvement in the long run, while reducing costs.

RealTime Location Solutions (RTLS) improve clinical and operational outcomes

These digital RTLS solutions enable you to manage data as strategic assets and optimize operations: 

  • Less searching - more patient time 
  • Faster feedback - higher patient satisfaction 
  • More efficiency - less operational costs 

Clinical Operations

Clinical Operations
Our Value Partners for Healthcare Consulting provide you with Clinical Operations for your radiology department and beyond.
This is an unique IT-enabled consulting service to help you achieve a sustainable performance improvement by turning radiology data into actionable insights. The solution delivers full improvement cycles, including comprehensive workflow assessments to identify bottlenecks, jointly agreed metrics, and goals for improvement and transformation. This consulting service is delivered by interdisciplinary teams of lean-certified consultants, radiology consultants, and data analysts. Together we pave the way for measuring, interpreting, and managing operational performance by using a customized dashboard, as well as coaching and knowledge sharing.
With Performance Improvement, you’ll have a long-term partner and a solution that will drive IT-enabled, cost-effective transformation in your radiology department with full visibility of your operations. The Performance Improvement practice capability module is a suite of consultancy services specifically for imaging departments. It puts Lean principles to work and focuses especially on developing systems for ongoing improvement.
teamplay insights iPad
One key component of the program is an  Actionable Intelligence Solution2 that helps provide visibility to challenges while recognizing staff contributions toward meeting those challenges. 
Performance Improvement
Another key component is a series of series of Rapid Improvement Events (RIEs). RIEs are multiple-day workshops that leverage the knowledge and experience of all staff – managers, administrators, radiographers, radiologists and supporting staff. They accelerate the culture change required for effective Lean transformation. With our Rapid Improvement Events, lean methodology, quarterly workshops, and our transformation experts, Performance Improvement will support you throughout the entire journey – while our monitoring component (teamplay Insights2) helps you manage improvement progress and operational performance.

We enable you to obtain:

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Value Partnerships Asset Center - Heart and Diabetes Center NRW "HerzConnect", Germany
The HerzConnect® telemedical care program was designed in partnerhsip with e HDZ NRW for patients with cardiovascular disorders. The center provides medical care and advice to the patients. Siemens Healthineers is responsible for technical and logistics aspects of the telemedical solution.

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