Improving care delivery for patients and the community

Unlock the value of digitalization

As part of our Value Partnership, Geisinger is leveraging digital technology and expert training to ensure that every site that provides radiology services delivers the same high standard of care throughout the entire network. This standardization effort is complemented by an enterprise-wide initiative to streamline clinical operations in radiology and provide all patients with equal access to high-quality care, regardless of where that care is delivered.

With the rapid development of the healthcare system and digitization, Geisinger in the USA was faced with new challenges such as staff shortages and data overload. The 10-year Value Partnership with Siemens Healthineers aims to overcome these challenges and improve both care delivery and health outcomes. The solution focuses on the operationalization of digital data and the use of artificial intelligence. This helps to make information more actionable and to manage data more effectively. Watch the video to find out how Siemens Healthineers and Geisinger are working together to pioneer breakthroughs in healthcare.

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