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For complex Hybrid OR environments, training on advanced clinical workflows and image guidance is crucial to enhance workforce productivity. 
With Hybrid Learning solutions we offer a personalized operating room training courses to improve staff competences and learning experiences along the entire equipment lifecycle.

Together with surgeons from different clinical disciplines, like vascular, thoracic, spine or neurosurgery, we aim to improve clinical workflows for minimally invasive procedures dedicated to individual needs. 
Our offerings include dedicated software solutions, which support surgeons to plan procedures precisely and confirm clinical outcome, while keeping dose at a low level. And with specific peer-to-peer trainings surgeons can optimize their own surgical workflow and save OR time. 

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~ 2,400 
onsite trainings per year

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> 19,000 
E-learning modules in > 10 languages

Multidisciplinary workflow improvements


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We deliver a customized training module that covers all safety aspects and the intended use of the system. This allows customization of exam protocols and assessment of image quality. Clinical procedures will be integrated to establish your clinical workflow, while providing practical experience and strengthening your confidence.

Tailored hands-on is offered in your clinical environment with practical examples, allowing optimized utilization of the latest application features.

We offer a comprehensive digital learning platform with dedicated content for the Hybrid OR environment

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PEPconnect and PEPconnections

Your fast connection to digitalized Hybrid OR education. Personalize your education experience with customizable learning plans.
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Your active learning experience in a virtual Hybrid OR environment, which reduces onboarding time and improves performance and workflows at low cost.
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Your hands-on experience, which allows your staff to train and practice on a simulated version of a medical Hybrid OR device.

Training Situation Cinematic Anatomy

Cinematic Anatomy

Your virtual learning experience in anatomy education for surgeons in Hybrid OR settings.

PEPconnect online training highlights

PEPConnect Case Flows Training Video Martin Austermann

Case Flows demonstration - User Experience Video

What are Case Flows and how can they minimize procedure steps to increase efficiency? Watch the tutorial with PD Dr. med. Martin Austermann, specialist for general and vascular surgery, Phlebology and endovascular Surgery at the St. Franziskus- Hospital in Münster.

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