Customer Insights: Wake Forest Baptis

Using real-time location data to increase productivity and patient satisfaction at

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist, USA

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist is using a very robust RTLS implementation deployed at more than 40 buildings with a 390 km² total coverage. More recently, they moved ahead from pure asset tracking to looking at the flow of patients and staff more holistically. This resulted in optimized processes with shortened patient waiting times, increased staff satisfaction and optimized asset usage. RTLS has changed the way the hospital system operates and has made them more efficient.

Value Contribution

+30% increase of throughput

In best case scenario to
reach up to 80 patients/day

-80% ruled out

The implementation of majority of suggested measures after failing the stress test

Best performing scenario

Increases throughput, while not impacting length of stay



Increase throughput

Address challenge of Preoperative Assessment Clinic (PAC) having reached its maximum throughput

Drive effective change

Avoid disruptions by testing the performance of the improvement measures on a Digital Twin

Improve patient experience

Test patient-centric workflows that reduce the length of stay of patients in the PAC

  • Creation of a reliable Digital Twin of the PAC based on a large real-time dataset (RTLS)
  • RTLS reduced the need for intensive field observations, saved workdays, avoided service disruption, avoided behavioral bias that reduces data accuracy, accelerated in-depth analysis, and validated the model
  • The clinical team was engaged to suggest improvement measures and define scenarios to be compared
  • The Digital Twin was configured to test the impact of changes on rooms, workforce, and workflows
  • The simulation proved the effects of the changes, identified limiting factors, and suggested enhancements

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