ACUSON Ultrasound Systems

Siemens Healthineers at Ultrasound 2022

53rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Medical Ultrasound Society

BMUS Ultrasound 2022 - British Medical Ultrasound Society 
6 - 5 December
Cardiff City Hall


Siemens Healthineers introduces comprehensive ultrasound portfolio refresh with major software updates and 12 new transducers enabling new clinical use cases.

This year at Ultrasound 2022, Siemens Healthineers will present the refreshed ACUSON ultrasound portfolio, including the ACUSON Sequoia 2.0, ACUSON Redwood 2.0, ACUSON Juniper 2.0 and the ACUSON P500 portable ultrasound system.

The ACUSON family uses advanced imaging technologies and AI-enabled tools to support improved diagnostic confidence and address clinical challenges - enabling a new level of versatility.

Click play on the videos on the right to hear first impressions of the ACUSON Redwood Ultrasound system. These responses have been kindly provided by:

  • Gibran Timothy Yusuf, Consultant Radiologist of King's College Hospital 
  • Shofiq Al-Islam, Consultant Radiologist, East Lancashire Hospitals

Featured Products

ACUSON Sequoia Ultrasound System


Our flagship ultrasound system sets the benchmark in image quality, colour sensitivity and advanced imaging capabilities serving a variety of body types. Designed by the user for the user. It is ideally suited to scan high BMI patients with the unique DAX (Deep Abdominal Transducer) which can clinically scan up to 40cm.

ACUSON Redwood™

Offering premium imaging, greater workflow efficiency, and portability, the ACUSON Redwood provides excellent clinical performance against the restraint of tight budgets – without compromise.

ACUSON Juniper Ultrasound System

Our most versatile ultrasound system, ACUSON Juniper, is a high-performance, shared service system that consistently delivers high-quality images across disease states to virtually all patients, making care more affordable, accessible and available.

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