Corpath® GRX

CorPath® GRXPrecision Vascular Robotics

Robotic-assisted intervention enables precise measurement of anatomy and device positioning - with the added benefit of radiation protection for the clinician - and reduces radiation exposure for staff and patients.

During a CorPath robotic-assisted intervention, clinicians can sit in a radiation-shielded workstation and use a set of joysticks and touchscreen controls, that translate their movements into precise device control.

A recent PRECISE trial* showed:

  • 97.6% clinical overall success rate with no reports of device-related complications.
  • The average radiation exposure to the Interventional Cardiologist decreased by 95.2%, compared to levels reported during standard interventions.

The CorPath GRX is the only CE marked and FDA cleared Robotic System for Coronary and Peripheral Vascular Interventions.