Siemens Healthineers Stavanger hospital planing

Designing a hospital around the people it serves

Helse Stavanger University Hospital, Norway

Populations around the world are aging. Providing quality care to this expanding population demands corresponding increases in efficiency throughout the care continuum. Another key factor to consider is the rise of consumerism in healthcare. Because patients are more likely than ever to seek alternatives for their healthcare needs, healthcare facilities should tend to nonclinical wishes and needs as well. Helse Stavanger identified Siemens Healthineers Value Partners for Healthcare Consulting as the right partner for this task because of its portfolio of Operational Performance services, which includes facilities planning and workflow optimization disciplines.

Value Contribution

Revised design

Will accommodate projected future need for expansion

Improved staff satisfaction

Through engagement in the design creation process

Optimized layout

Enhances workflows, processes, and patient experience



Expand clinical capabilities

Create pathway-oriented layout and locate all department facilities under one roof

Increase staff satisfaction

Facilitate close involvement of the users to best reflect their requirements regarding the environment

Enable future viability

Establish a forward-looking facility with room to grow that is suitable for today and tomorrow

  • 1-year Operational Performance engagement with our Value Partners for Healthcare Consulting
  • Redesign of the diagnostic radiology, interventional radiology, and nuclear medicine layout in close collaboration with the Helse Stavanger staff, based on process mapping, market development study, stakeholder interviews, and iterative layout review
  • Development of optimized layout with the final recommendation to significantly extend the building in order to enable future growth

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