Enabling clinical excellence through a data-based PET-CT assessment program

European Medical Center, Russia

Value Contribution

59% identification

Of potential to further improve quality of care in more than half of analyzed cases

Elaboration of multiple concepts for SOPs and a healing environment

To achieve better patient experience

More than 14,000 performance datasets

Prepared, analyzed, and visualized with BI-supported advanced analytics



Enhance competitiveness

Diversifying referral types to tackle unstable referral distribution and very high fluctuation

Improve patient experience

Addressing limited patient satisfaction due to missing SOPs and lack of patient-centered environment

Empower data-driven decisions

Defining significant KPIs and benchmarks for existing performance assessment and decision support

  • PET-CT assessment program based on structural interviews, site assessments, and advanced analytics:
  • Standardization of processes and redefinition of patient pathway to sustainably increase patient satisfaction and safety, e.g., improvement of the clothes changing situation
  • Facilitation of exchange with public referrers to initiate professional networking, shape patient acquisition initiatives, and refine patient target groups based on insights gained
  • Comprehensive visualization and advanced analytics of PET-CT performance to generate a holistic approach to optimize the care phases of preparation, imaging, and follow-up

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