Solution LifecycleLab Consulting

Enable Efficiency and Growth in the Future:

To ensure continuous improvement, our consultants will arrange proactive Healthcheck engagements throughout a solution’s lifecycle. We combine systematic data review and on-site observations to measure current performance against the original KPIs defined at the start of the project. We document target achievements and identify further opportunities for improvement.

Continuous KPI evaluation includes:

  • Targeted turnaround times (TAT)
  • Labor efficiencies
  • Workflow efficiencies
  • Growth potential

Take Productivity to the Next Level:
Rapid Lean Improvement

In addition to continuous monitoring of the diagnostic equipment in your lab, we also offer Rapid Lean Improvement plans. These are focused action plans that target specific process areas in your lab. Using Lean principles such as 5S, Kanban, and Kaizen, we work to identify and remove inefficiencies that decrease productivity (waiting times, extra motion, error sources, transportation, inventory, overproduction, and nonutilized talent).