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Avoid Disruption and Keep Employee Motivation High:
Transition Management

Transition management is the support that our Lab Consulting team provides prior to and during the implementation of a large automation solution.

Our consultants work with you and our individual implementation teams to ensure that:

  • All the workflow considerations used in the Pre-purchase simulations are carried forward through the installation.
  • Workflow processes are fit for purpose and are aligned to produce the optimal benefit from a new solution.
  • Your lab is prepared for change during installation.
  • Workflow processes are well defined for each phase of the installation.

Our consultants can facilitate your lab’s transition with supporting documents that include:

  • A change management guide
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • “How-to” tools

As the changes are implemented, we can track progress and report on final results.

Our primary goal for transition management is to minimize the disruption associated with an installation and enable you to maintain your service level while continuing to meet your targets (e.g., consistent turnaround times).