FlowMotion AI

FlowMotion AIMoving the standard to personal care

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FlowMotion™ AI introduces continuous bed motion for standardized and personalized acquisitions with the click of a button. 

Features & Benefits

Personalized PET/CT image scans for increased image quality.

FlowMotion AI gives you the ability to develop and save protocols based on clinical indication—incorporating motion management and high-resolution imaging into clinical routine, the result is: 

  • More reliable visualization of disease and ensured reproducibility 
  • Simple and precise range planning enables personalization of scans to each organ in order to meet individual patient needs 
  • Elimination of CT over-scanning and the associated radiation exposure 
  • Sense of continuous progression also provides a more comfortable exam experience for patients

With the addition of our deep learning AI algorithm, Automated Landmarking and Parsing of Human Anatomy (ALPHA) technology, you can simply load the disease-specific protocol and the let scanner define your protocol ranges. This creates a new level of standardization and personalization where every patient exam is set up using AI, independent of the user.

Standardizing imaging protocols based on indication. Personalizing scans based on anatomy.

FlowMotion workflow

Faster workflow

FlowMotion personalized

More personalized scan

FlowMotion reproducible

Reproducible results from any operator

FlowMotion precise

Simple and precise range planning that helps avoid cut-offs or over radiation

Personalized PET/CT image scans for increased image quality.

FlowMotion is synonymous with continuous bed motion (CBM), an innovation that relies on advances in conventional patient bed technology, scanner acquisition electronics, and algorithms for processing scanner data. 

Patient bed 

  • Magnetically driven 
  • Sub-millimeter (< 0.25 mm) positioning and smooth acceleration 
  • Speeds ranging from 0.1 to 200 mm/s 
  • Minimized vertical deflection

Redesigned acquisition electronics 

  • Custom architecture processes and stores precise bed positioning along with raw PET data 

Dynamic data processing algorithms 

  • PET data is continuously normalized during the acquisition to account for the corresponding motion of each line of response (LOR)
Personalized PET/CT image scans for increased image quality.

ALPHA technology is a unique, deep learning AI algorithm that detects specific anatomical landmarks. With FlowMotion AI, landmarks associated with the top of the head, beneath-the-eye orbits, the clavicle, the aortic arch, the adrenal gland, the mid-thigh, and the tip of the toes are obtained from the CT topogram and used to establish PET scan ranges routinely used within clinical workflows. 

By integrating continuous-bed-motion technology with ALPHA landmarking, FlowMotion AI renders PET planning less complicated for the user, more efficient, and more repeatable than manual scan planning.

Clinical Use


Technical Specifications

General Requirements

  • Biograph Vision PET/CT
  • Biograph Vision Quadra™ PET/CT
  • Biograph mCT PET/CT
  • Biograph Horizon PET/CT

Biograph Horizon must run SW PETsyngo VJ30 or higher

Biograph mCT and Biograph Vision must run SW PETsyngo VG80 or higher

Biograph Vision Quadra must run SW PETsyngo VR20 or higher

PET respiratory gating or PET/CT respiratory gating option is required to enable this option. 

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