MAMMOVISTA B.smartFull spectrum. Exceptional performance.

mammovista bsmart

Mammography reading is faced with an increasing volume of data from multiple sources, staff shortages, and more intricate reading due to the rise of tomosynthesis in national screening programs. Radiologists are challenged with an increased workload and are often under pressure to produce results faster. As the digital transformation of healthcare continues, advanced, multimodal visualization solutions for breast health are needed to transform clinical operations.  

mammovista bsmart

MAMMOVISTA covers the full spectrum of multimodal diagnostics from mammography to MRI and ultrasound. An agile, vendor-neutral solution, it delivers exceptional performance for radiologists faced with more time-consuming tomosynthesis reading.

  • Designed for speed
  • Delightful to use
  • Connected for real outcomes

The gamechanging new interface of MAMMOVISTA has a clear and intrinsically logical structure based on the Siemens Healthineers User Interface (SHUI) design.
  1. Highly flexible image structure with optimal hanging, multimodality overview and image review check.
  2. Clear orientation for case management and comparisons.
  3. Change and adapt the size and comprehensiveness of the clinical image text anytime.
  4. Based on the patient data information, your cockpit automatically activates the optimal ReportFlow for exceptional results.
  5. Delightful control bar containing the favourite controls to be adjusted anytime.
  6. As part of all dockable panels, it can be shifted wherever it is most appreciated or completely deactivated for fully focusing on the clinical image.
  7. Transpara® powered by Fusion AI™1 with MAMMOVISTA, generates impressive new result supported by clinical evidence worldwide. SmartSort Technology based on deep-learning case analysis and interactive lesion detection allows for evidence-based breast AI.
  8. Change and adapt the size and comprehensiveness of the clinical image text anytime.
  9. Interactive buttons right on the image allow direct access to stackings like slab imaging, other views or flavors or activate the Next-Gen AI reading.
  10. Intuitive tomo orientation in any projection with additional info on AI results.

Features & Benefits

mammovista bsmart

Operational performance and reading speed has the potential to increase significantly with up to 75%3 faster image loading, while next-gen AI1 help increase diagnostic accuracy by 10%4. The full spectrum of multimodality data, tools, and settings are immediately available without leaving the application, which saves both time and effort while strengthening diagnostic confidence.

Intuitiveness and ease of use are essential success criteria for any domain-specific software interface used for intricate clinical or therapeutic decision making. MAMMOVISTA features a game-changing new interface based on the SHUI2 design framework that is absolutely delightful to use. 

mammovista bsmart

Clear clinical values stems from optimizing the management of growing workloads: Combining faster reading performance with AI-powered tools1, MAMMOVISTA improves your economic performance with up to 15% optimized TCO costs3 and a 35%6 reduction in workload.

  • Experience the highest depth resolution7 with the unique 50° wide-angle tomosynthesis of MAMMOMAT Revelation combined with syngo.Breast Cares smart and fast tomo reading
  • Stay on top of clinical developments with integrated TiCEM8 and Insight BD2, a universal multimodality approach for comprehensive breast care reading
  • Deliver instant risk stratification with Insight BD’s8 ideally-adapted layouts and Multiple ReportFlows

Clinical Use

Lisbet Brønsro Larsen, MD, Senior RadiologistOdense University Hospital, Denmark
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