Breast Health 360°

Breast Health 360°

Providing the highest degree of care.
Because we care.

From looking into a patient’s history, to screening and diagnosis, to treatment and monitoring and follow-up, we provide 360° breast health solutions in every step of the Breast Health Journey.

Challenges in breast cancer care

Today, breast care is not always effective, largely a one-size fits all approach, and struggles to keep up with demand. We provide accurate, human-centric, and economic solutions to empower your decisions in every step of the Breast Health Journey.

Siemens Healthineers is committed to fight breast cancer and, moreover, is committed to be your partner along the entire Breast Health Journey. We are proud to be the only company that can provide a holistic and personalized 360° approach, with breast care solutions in every step of the Breast Health Journey. Taking women through the journey from discovery to recovery. 

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    A 360° approach in Breast Health with MAMMOMAT Revelation

    Dr. Hamm is a radiology specialist at the Radiologische Gemeinschaftspraxis in Chemnitz. His practice functions as a mammography screening center for the district of Central Saxony. His practice uses a 360° approach in Breast Health. Watch the video and learn more about their one-stop examinations.