Siemens Healthineers Receives License from Health Canada for the epoc NXS Host Mobile Computer for Point-of-Care Testing

epoc NXS host

• The epoc Blood Analysis System with new epoc NXS Host provides critical test results at the point of care in less than a minute to promptly diagnose and monitor patients in acute care settings.

• The epoc NXS Host from Siemens Healthineers supports secure, wireless, connected care empowering clinicians to transform care delivery for critically ill patients.

Siemens Healthineers, Canada announced today it has received Health Canada licensing for the sale of the epoc NXS Host mobile computer. The epoc Blood Analysis System with the new epoc NXS Host offers an easy-to-use, hand-held device with intuitive software application to further advance point-of-care testing. The epoc NXS Host incorporates caregiver suggestions that enhance performance and streamline the testing workflow for critically ill patients.

“Effective point-of-care testing requires instruments that deliver quick, accurate results, while being easy to use,” said Sarah Gamble, Business Manager, Point of Care, Siemens Healthineers, Canada. “The epoc NXS Host provides safeguards for both patient security and quality test results, and also offers clinical workflow improvements so that frontline healthcare workers can get comprehensive critical care test results quickly, thus accelerating care for patients.”

The epoc Blood Analysis System with the new epoc NXS Host is a market-first diagnostic solution to be powered by Android to deliver advanced processing power and expanded memory for fast response time. Caregivers benefit from an intuitive, workflow-driven user interface and are prompted through the testing procedure with audio and visual guidance.

Color coded test results are promptly and securely reported without having to leave the patient’s side so that caregivers can initiate action on critical results quickly.

Along with rapid, actionable results, the epoc Blood Analysis System simplifies and streamlines the blood gas testing process and inventory management with a single, room temperature stable test card. A comprehensive critical care menu consisting of blood gases, a basic metabolic panel along with hematocrit and lactate is delivered patient-side when and where it is needed most. As a safeguard to enhance patient safety, the epoc System‘s barcoded test cards reduce the risk of using expired reagents. With these key attributes, caregivers have greater confidence that test results are accurate and can reduce the time, resources, and risks associated with manual room temperature reagent tracking.

The epoc Blood Analysis System provides reliable, positive patient identification, and secure, wireless care team communication, enabling caregivers to remain at a patient's bedside. Test results are delivered to the LIS/HIS via a secure, wireless connection for seamless integration into hospital networks with the Siemens Healthineers Point of Care Ecosystem™. This enables the epoc System to offer a complete and consistent clinical picture across the care continuum to connect patients, their actionable test results, care teams and the therapy they deliver.

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