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Deep Resolve

Unrivaled speed in MRI

Deep Resolve Knowledge Hub

In our Deep Resolve Knowledge Hub, you will learn how you no longer have to sacrifice high image quality for acquisition speed. You will find a deep dive into the usability of our deep learning reconstruction technology and clinical examples that demonstrate the excellent image quality and acquisition speed. In addition, you will hear from clinical users about how Deep Resolve has redefined MRI in their clinical practice.

Unrivaled speed in MRI

Deep Resolve is at the forefront of the revolution in MRI acceleration. Our advanced algorithms for noise reduction and high resolution MRI are specifically tailored for maximum productivity. Deep Resolve delivers our fastest MRI, delivering images of extraordinary clarity, higher clinical productivity, and a better patient experience. This transformational effect of Deep Resolve is now planned to expand to 3D, unlocking a new dimension in MR image resolution and speed. And when combined with premium hardware from Siemens Healthineers, Deep Resolve unleashes its full potential and redefines the boundaries of MRI.1

Game-changing acceleration

Deep Resolve Boost applies AI to image reconstruction and uses deep learning for noise reduction to accelerate MR. Combined with Parallel Acquisition Techniques (PAT) and Simultaneous Multi-Slice (SMS), the result is an up to 73 percent boost in scan speed with high resolution MRI. This combinability enables increased clinical productivity by drastically reducing scan times.

Brilliant results

Deep Resolve Sharp employs a deep neural network to improve image sharpness and resolution by generating a high-resolution image from low-resolution input. Combining Deep Resolve Boost and Deep Resolve Sharp enables high SNR and double the resolution of conventional techniques. By including raw data in the MRI reconstruction process, clinically robust results are achieved that outperform classical denoising and interpolation.

Patient friendly

Shorter scan times enabled by Deep Resolve result in a more comfortable patient experience. For patients in pain, this is a priceless and much appreciated improvement. When the scan time is so significantly reduced, the chances of patient motion are also reduced, thereby potentially reducing the risk of repeated scans.

Future ready

Deep Resolve defines a new era in MRI reconstruction, where speed and image excellence are seamlessly intertwined in a state-of-the-art system that is ready for the future. The accelerated image acquisition enabled by Deep Resolve technologies means that scans are faster and require less energy consumption per patient, resulting in energy efficiency and savings.

Multi-dimensional clarity

Deep Resolve is now planned to be expanded to 3D. Deep Resolve technologies for the 3D sequences SPACE and VIBE can deliver high resolution MRI faster than any conventional method without Deep Resolve. The unique combinability of Deep Resolve with CAIPIRINHA acceleration especially is envisioned to unlock a new dimension of speed and clarity in 3D MRI.4

Clinical Images

Deep Resolve advanced image reconstruction technology enables MR acquisitions that are faster than ever before, from head to toe. The ability to combine Deep Resolve with other acceleration techniques brings MR productivity to a new level, while increasing patient comfort.

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