Veterinary Services
MRI for all

The 60cm bore MAGNETOM Free.Star Veterinary MRI system, with animal conforming coils, innovates with simplicity thanks to the extensive use of AI workflows and offers comprehensive MRI imaging capabilities for all your veterinary imaging needs. Installation and siting is simplified. The MAGNETOM Free.Star is light weight and compact featuring DryCool technology requiring only 0.7l of liquid helium, and no requirement for a quench pipe. This unique 0.55 Tesla system uses the latest in Deep Learning technology to rival higher field strength scanners for image quality and speed of imaging, ensuring minimal  anaesthesia time for the veterinary patient. The brand new MAGNETOM Free.Star has a great Total Cost of Ownership enabling more veterinary practices the opportunity to have access to this important diagnostic tool.


Our most compact MRI
The smallest and lightest MRI requiring only 24 m2 to site.

Applications for all body regions
Protocols included for Neuro, Musculoskeletal, Body and Oncology.

User Friendly Operator Platform
New windows based user Interface.

DryCool magnet technology
Sealed for life with only 0.7l of helium.

New Contour coil portfolio
Blanket-like coils for comfort, flexibility and ease of use.

Redefining MR Affordability
The cost-effective platform for increased MRI accessibility.

Technical Specifications 

Field Strength

0.55 Tesla

Bore Size

60 cm

Magnet Length
(system length including covers)

165 cm

System Weight
(in operation)

<3.2 tons

Minimum room size

24 m2

Helium Consumption

0.7l Zero helium boil off technology

Features and Benefits


High-V 60cm bore MRI

Redefining MR affordability

Turnkey solution

DryCool magnet technology

Our most compact MRI

Applications for all body regions

User Friendly Operator Platform

New Contour coil portfolio