Veterinary Services
Improve the delivery of care for your patients

Improve the delivery of care for your patients.
Broaden diagnostic possibilities and services in your veterinary practice with the SOMATOM go.Up. Our trusted scanner comes with our unique Mobile Workflow which allows you to stay with your patients for longer and provide closer care. Benefit from AI-powered scan automation and innovations from our high-end CT fleet. Provide high-quality advanced diagnostic imaging for creatures large and small. With the SOMATOM go.Up, you can customise workflows for each clinical indication and enhance patient care without compromising image quality for any member of the family.

  • Control scans remotely
    Tablet and remote control
  • Increased patient comfort
    70 cm bore
  • High throughput management
    Chronon tube
  • Excellent iodine contrast
    High Power 80kV
  • Excellent low-dose performance
    Tin Filter
  • Enhanced scan results with less dose
    Stellar detector equipped with 3D anti-scatter collimator


Flexible room layout

    Clinical Cases

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